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At Brush Street Dental Boutique, we want you to be proud of your smile. Whether it’s a matter of maintaining optimal oral health, restoring your smile with the latest options in care, or revitalizing its beauty with our leading-edge cosmetic dental services, you can count on us to provide you with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. Our experienced 60642 cosmetic dentist makes a wide range of personalized cosmetic treatments available to bring out the best in your smile. From the latest options in professional teeth whitening including ZOOM!®, to wrinkle reduction with Botox®, and smile makeovers with porcelain dental veneers, we are happy to help you achieve your aesthetic best!

Have you ever dreamed of what your smile might look like if the minor chips, spacing, or discoloration were all gone? With porcelain dental veneers, your 60642 cosmetic dentist provides a single conservative option, capable of addressing all of the above. As ultra-thin facings, bonded to the treated fronts of your natural teeth, veneers are fully customizable in shade, shape and proportion, giving you the ability to smooth over minor chips, close small spaces, and dramatically whiten your smile all at once! Dental grade porcelain is the gold standard when it comes to cosmetic dental work, and can produce the most seamless results. It’s also highly resistant to surface staining, so you can expect to enjoy your new smile for many more to come! If you’re more interested in a simple, fast and effective way to transform a dull or yellowed smile into one that dazzles, we also offer professional whitening services which produce beautiful results. With our in-office professional teeth whitening system, we can lighten your smile up to 8 shades by the end of a single visit! We also offer a portable take-home kit that is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Also capable of producing radiant results, our take-home kit makes it possible to whiten your smile around the demands of your busy lifestyle.

To learn more about how we can make your smile even more beautiful than it already is, plan on scheduling a consultation with your 60642 cosmetic dentist at Brush Street Dental Boutique today!

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